Get paid to
gain work experience and
support healing and community engagement


CRC will be hosting 5-6 paid trainees to learn:

  • mediation
  • conflict resolution education
  • restorative circles

This training will be about 100 hours over 6 to 7 weeks, beginning August 31 at 10 am. Trainees will contract with CRC and earn $20 per hour. Training will also include wellness and self-care aspects, such as meditation, yoga, and mental wellness.

Those who complete all aspects of the training will be eligible to join CRC staff as a paid part-time intern, which will last about 20 weeks. As an intern you will be leading your own restorative circles in your community, mediating, and learning a variety of staff duties at CRC, such as intake, restorative conferencing with youth, and more. Self-care and wellness will continue to be important aspects to your work at CRC.

Once the program is complete, there may be opportunities for fulltime work at CRC.

To apply:

  1. Check your eligibility based on where you live. This program is geared towards community members in specific areas of Minneapolis area, Duluth, and St. Cloud.

2021 and 2022 Small DDAs and QCTs | HUD USER.  [To use this tool, put your complete address in the box in upper left, click GO, AND click the box that says, Color QCT Qualified Tracts. When you search your address, if it shows up in an area colored purple, then you are eligible for this program.]

  1. If you are in a qualified census tract based on checking the above link, and you are about 20-29 years of age, please complete the application at this link:



  • An interest in healing, learning, and helping others to heal and learn
  • Ability to pull together friends and family members to conduct your own community circles
  • Available to attend all  training sessions – some evening hours are required
  • Live in a Qualified Census Track as indicated on the link above

Training Hours

Tentative training schedule:

Wednesday, August 31        10 AM to 12 noon

Thursday, September 1       5:00 PM to 9:15 PM

These times of day will be typical training times. Remaining training schedule is to be determined. Training will last 6 to 7 weeks.

Deadline to apply is August 12, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

For more information, please email:

This program is funded through the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs.

This program is funded through a grant from

the MN Office of Justice Programs